Entertainment at 8 Film Group

Entertainment at Eight is a film screening group, which gathers twice a month to watch and discuss both contemporary and classic LGBT and mainstream films.


Entertainment at Eight meets on the 2nd & 4th Saturday of every month at 8:00pm.

Next Meetings: Saturday, December 14th and 28th

Saturday, January 11th, 8pm


Synopsis: In 1960s Baltimore, dance-loving teen Tracy Turnblad (Nikki Blonsky) auditions for a spot on "The Corny Collins Show" and wins. She becomes an overnight celebrity, a trendsetter in dance, fun and fashion. Perhaps her new status as a teen sensation is enough to topple Corny's reigning dance queen andbring racial integration to the show.

Run Time: 1hour 57 mins 

Stars: John Travolta, Michelle Pfeiffer, Queen Latifah, Zac Efron

Director: Adam Shankman  

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Saturday, January 15th , 8pm


Synopsis:  No sooner does Italian-American widow Loretta (Cher) accept a marriage proposal from her doltish boyfriend, Johnny (Danny Aiello), than she finds herself falling for his younger brother, Ronny (Nicolas Cage). She tries to resist, but Ronny lost his hand in an accident he blames on his brother, and has no scruples about aggressively pursuing her while Johnny is out of the country. As Loretta falls deeper in love, she comes to learn that she's not the only one in her family with a secret romance. 

Run Time:1 hour, 42 minutes

Stars:Cher, Nicholas Cage, Vincent Gardenia, Olympia Dukakis & Danny Aiello 

Director: Norman Jewison

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  Entertainment @ 8    
  Upcoming Movie List    
Date Movie Title Genre Run Time 
1/11/2020 Hairspray (2007) Musical 1 hour, 57 minutes
  Directed by Adam Shankman    
  Starring: John Travolta, Michelle Pfeiffer, Queen Latifah, Zac Efron, et.al.    
1/25/2020 Moonstruck (1987) Rom Com 1 hour, 42 minutes
  Directed by Norman Jewison    
  Starring: Cher, Nicholas Cage, Vincent Gardenia, Olympia Dukakis & Danny Aiello    
02/08/2020 The Night Of The Iguana (1964) Drama 2 hours, 5 minutes
  Directed by John Huston    
  Starring: Richard Burton, Ava Gardner, Deborah Kerr, Sue Lyon, et.al.    
02/22.2020 Ideal Home (2018) Dramady 1 hour, 36 minutes
  Directed by Andrew Fleming    
  Starring: Steve Coogan, Paul Rudd, Allsion Pill, et.al.    
03/14/2020 Camelot (1967) Musical 3 hours, 0 mimutes
  Directed by Joshua Logan    
  Starring: Richard Harris, Vanessa Redgrave, et.al.    
03/28/2020 Metropolis: Presented By Giorgio Moroder (1927/1984) SciFi/Phan 1 hour, 12 minutes
  Directed by Fritz Lang    
  Starring: Alfred Abel, Brigitte Helm, Gustav Frohlich, Rudolf Klein-Rogge    
04/11/2020 Blade Runner (1982) SciFi/Phan 1 hour, 57 minutes
  Directed by Ridley Scott    
  Starring: Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer, Sean Young & Edward James Olmos    
04/25/2020 Ever After (1998) Rom/Drama 2 hours, 1 minute
  Directed by Andy Tennant    
  Starring: Drew Barrymore, Anjelica Huston, Dougray Scott & Jeanne Moreau    
05/09/2020 Harriet (2019) Biog/Drama 2 hours, 5 minutes
  Directed by Kasi Lemmons    
  Starring: Cynthia Erivo, Leslie Odom, Jr., Joe Alwyn & Janelle Monae    
05/23/2020 Downton Abbey (2019) Drama 2 hours, 2 minutes
  Directed by Michael Engler    
  Starring: Hugh Bonneville, Jim Carter, Elizabeth McGovern, Maggie Smith, et.al.    
06/13/2020 The Cakemaker (2017) Eng,Hab,Ger/Drama 1 hour, 44 minutes 
  Directed by Ofir Raul Grazier    
  starring: Sarah Adler, Tim Kalkhof, Zohar Strauss, Roy Miller & Tamir Ben Yehuda    
6/27/2020 Judy (2019) Biog/Drama 1 hour, 58 minutes
  Directed by Rupert Goold    
  Starring: Renee Zellweger, Firin Wittrock, Jesse Buckley, Rufus Sewell, et.al.    

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