Give Out Day 2017

Give Out Day, April 20, 2017, is about celebrating all those who give. Whatever the size of the gift, it can make a huge difference in the lives of your friends, your neighbors, the people around you every day, and thousands you (and I) don’t know but who are as much part of this community as we are.

To donate, please go to



If every one of the 30 million+ LGBT people in the United States woke up on Give Out Day and gave $10 — just $10 — that would mean more than $300 million to take care of our elders, to fuel the fight for full equality, to make sure that queer youth can navigate this still-tough world, to support all those with medical and mental health issues, substance use, violence, poverty, discrimination, and dozens of other challenges.

Give Out Day is a chance for all of us to be part of something much bigger than any of us. Please join thousands of us — in every state across the country – on April 20th. Your support makes a difference.