How to Take Action on the Transgender Military Ban

The LOFT condemns Trump's proposed transgender ban in the military. Are you outraged too? Do you want to protest? Here are some ways to resist!



If you would like more information on the proposed ban and how it might affect you, visit

Contact your representatives in Congress

If you would like to find out who your representatives are and how to contact them, visit GovTrack.


One of the most effective ways you can promote change is to vote! If you are not registered yet, visit the voter registration webpage.

Attend events

You can visit Resistance Near Me to find any public event, rally, town hall, protest, and more near you. It also gives you some information on who your representatives are and how to contact them. Town Hall Project will give you more information about town hall meetings near you.

Sign Petitions

You can find petitions against the ban on the Internet to sign to promote your views. For example, here is a petition from the ACLU you can sign to declare your opposition to Trump's ban.

Take to social media

Spread the word about the transgender military ban and how to fight it through Twitter, Facebook, and other social media. Share links, boost the voices of transgender activists, and voice your own opinions. For an example of what you could do, The LOFT shared information about a rally in NYC to protest the ban


Here are some of the many organizations you can support that are working to fight the transgender ban:


And don't forget that if you need support, The LOFT has groups for you, like the Transgender Peer Support Group and the Young Adult Transgender Peer Support Group.