Job Search & Networking Tips for the COVID-19 Era

In response to the unprecedented amount of unemployment caused by the COVID-19 pandemic The LOFT is collaborating with David Wiacek, a certified professional career coach (CPCC) and proud LOFT Business Partner, to offer an on-line webinar on topics related to optimizing your job search.

David wants to hear from The LOFT community on what would be most beneficial to them by asking interested participants to complete this brief planning survey. Complete the survey here. 

Whether your job was adversely impacted during this time, you realized you want to change careers, or you are entering or reentering the workforce, all are welcome to take advantage of this event which The LOFT will be hosting on-line in June.  The center plans to offer this webinar twice, in the afternoon and evening, to allow for the most number of people to participate. Date and time TBD.

To learn more about David and how he helps people achieve their career goals, please visit: