Pride In Politics

Pride in Politics organizes activities to promote LGBT advocacy and activism within local, county, state and federal political levels. The program's goal is education on political issues which impact the lives of LGBT communities within a non-partisan approach.


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   "The Every Child Deserves a Family Act (ECDF) would prohibit federally-funded child welfare service providers from discriminating against children, families, and individuals because of their religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, and marital status. It also ensures that children and youth in foster care receive the identity-affirming, culturally competent care they deserve."

   "To permit legally married same-sex couples to amend their filing status for income tax returns outside the statute of limitations, to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to clarify that all provisions shall apply to legally married same-sex couples in the same manner as other married couples, and for other purposes."

   "The Do No Harm Act clarifies that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act is intended to protect religious freedom without allowing the infliction of harm on other people. It would amend RFRA in order to restore the original intent of the legislation by specifically exempting areas of law where RFRA has been used to bypass federal protections."

   "This legislation will... address transparency in how the U.S. runs its detention centers, calling for regular inspections at detention facilities to ensure that the facility workers are respecting all rights of immigrants."


Proposal of First-in-the-Nation Inclusive Equal Rights Amendment-
"Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced the 20th proposal of his 2020 State of the State agenda — passing the first-in-the-nation inclusive Equal Rights Amendment to establish sex, ethnicity, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation and gender identity as protected classes."

Better LGBTQ Data Collection-
"To improve Federal population surveys by requiring the collection of voluntary, self-disclosed information on sexual orientation and gender identity in certain surveys, and for other purposes."

LGBTQ Youth Suicide Prevention-

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