Pride In Politics

Pride in Politics organizes activities to promote LGBTQ+ advocacy and activism within local, county, state and federal political levels. The program's goal is education on political issues which impact the lives of LGBTQ+ communities within a non-partisan approach.


Call To Action: The New York State Legislature is finally poised to repeal the state’s discriminatory ban on “Walking While Trans” in the coming weeks. This is a very big step forward--but we need your help.
Please consider contacting your state representatives and let them know how important this issue is for you and ask them to repeal this draconian law.

Are you registered to vote in New York? Are you unsure what district you live in? Checking your voter status is easy! Click here to see if you are registered to vote in New York and that your information is updated. 

Click here for information and tips on HOW to register to vote (from The NYC LGBT Center).

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