The Trevor Project: Call for Submissions!

Over the last 20 years, have you made a life-saving call to The Trevor Project Lifeline? Do you want to come to NYC for an all-expense paid experience of a lifetime? TMI Project is seeking stories from people who have made a life-saving call to the Trevor Project Suicide Prevention Lifeline in the past 20 years. Up to 8 participants will be chosen to come to NYC for a TMI Project true storytelling workshop, which will culminate in a live performance! You will get to work with TMI Project and James Lecesne (Academy Award-winner and co-founder of The Trevor Project) to craft your story and share it on a NYC stage to inspire others who may still be struggling. We know stories change lives and we want to hear from YOU! Travel, room and board will be covered for all participants outside of the NYC area. The application deadline is June 30th, 2018:

About TMI Project: a 501c3 non-profit organization offering transformative memoir workshops and performances that invite storytellers and audience members to explore new perspectives. By sharing bravely and candidly, storytellers become agents of change, fostering compassion, understanding and public awareness. We offer memoir and monologue writing workshops that culminate in storytelling performances, or published material. Through the ancient art of storytelling, participants divulge the parts of their stories that they usually leave out — the parts they are usually too ashamed or embarrassed to share — and the parts others most want to hear, fostering greater understanding and compassion among people. Participants turn their pasts into testimonials of survival, dispelling old shame and inspiring others. Both story-teller and listener can then rewrite their future.