Volunteering at The LOFT
Volunteers at our center are an important part of a growing organization. You can meet new people in an environment that feels familiar when you volunteer at the LOFT. You can volunteer in a fun, relaxing environment.

Need Help?
If you have any questions or concerns about volunteering, please contact Trudy Katz at 914-948-2932 Ext. 10 or trudy@loftgaycenter.org.

Volunteers shall be recruited by The LOFT on a pro-active basis, with the intent of broadening and expanding the volunteer involvement of the LGBT community. Volunteers shall be recruited without regard to gender, handicap, age, race, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression or other basis covered by law. The sole qualification for volunteer recruitment shall be suitability to perform a task on behalf of The LOFT. Volunteers may be recruited through either an interest in specific functions or through a general interest in volunteering which will later be matched with a specific function. No final acceptance of a volunteer shall take place without filling out the volunteer form, and a brief interview with LOFT Staff.

Age of Volunteers
Volunteers must be 18 years or older.

3.4 Interviewing
Prior to being assigned or appointed to a position, all volunteers will be interviewed to ascertain their suitability for and interest in that position. The interview should determine the qualifications of the volunteer, their commitment to fulfill the requirements of the position, and should answer any questions that the volunteer might have about the position. Interviews may be conducted either in person or by other means.

Immediate Volunteer Needs
Volunteer Position Title: LOFT Peer Support Group Facilitator

The LOFT urgently needs facilitators for:
LOFT Women's Group
LOFT HIV/AIDS Group - For those Affected or Infected by HIV/AIDS

Purpose of the Position: LOFT Peer Support Services provide an outlet for LGBTQ individuals to meet in a safe and supportive environment with their peers to discuss topics that affect their health and wellbeing. Group facilitators identify as peers of the group participants. Current Peer Support Groups at The LOFT are for those who identify as lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender, butch/femme, LGBTQ 20-somethings, and for those questioning their sexuality and/or gender expression.

Responsibilities: Group facilitators receive training from a LCSW on how to successfully lead a support group. While facilitating, they maintain the group rules and engage attendees in topics and participation in the conversation. Facilitators collect and process brief group reports and donations.

Frequency: Depending on the particular group, Peer Support Groups meet ranging from weekly to monthly. Facilitators are scheduled on a rotating basis and some group have co-facilitators. In addition to the groups, there are periodic support sessions with a LCSW to discuss how the groups are going.

Qualifications: Facilitators should enjoy the group process and be active listeners. They will be exposed to a diverse community representing many different viewpoints so they must be comfortable managing the myriad of issues that come up in a group situation.

Staff/Volunteer Liaison: Facilitators report to The LOFT’s Program Manager and Director of Programs & Services.

Volunteer Position Title: Development Associate
Purpose of the Position:
Under the direct supervision of the Chief Executive Officer, the Development Volunteer is responsible for assisting in the planning, budgeting and managing all of the private fundraising functions of The LOFT, including direct marketing, major donors, foundation grants, special events, corporate sponsorship and planned giving, etc.

1. Update and maintain records of donations and event attendance
2. Draft solicitation and thank you letters for the membership campaign; coordinate their mailing.
3. Coordinate other membership-related activities, such as thank-a-thons and partnerships with other organizations.
4. Assist with the planning and execution of special events.
5. Draft fundraising-related correspondence.
6. Follow-up on administrative requests, such as generating a report, sending a document, etc
7. One time projects as assigned

Develop and implement fundraising plans for the organization in conjunction with the CEO and the Board of Directors;
Maintain constituent and donor participation records
Draft solicitation and thank you letters for membership campaigns; coordinate their mailing.
Draft all fundraising-related correspondence.
Work with staff and board of directors and other volunteers to identify and cultivate prospective donors to the organization;
Assist in maintaining a timely and effective program of recognition for donors;
Participate in donor cultivation and recognition events;
Handle a variety of special projects and other related duties, as assigned.

4 Hours Weekly

Knowledge of standard office procedures and practices.
Proficient administrative skills, including organizational skills and the ability to meet deadlines.
Proficient computer skills, including Microsoft Word, Excel, and Access.
Familiarity with databases, including designing and running queries, as well as merging data.
Ability to make decisions independently as well as to execute assignments of administrative detail as delegated.

Staff/Volunteer Liaison: Executive Director and General Staff/Board

Volunteer Position Title: IT and Webmaster
Purpose of the Position:
The LOFT Webmaster updates webpages, calendars, and implements new pages as needed, maintains content and oversees The LOFT’s website. The IT and Webmaster also produce The LOFT’s weekly email broadcast.

Updates home page weekly to keep the website current
Inserts new pages with text/graphics supplied by staff.
Work closely with the Executive Director to set and ensure marketing campaigns achieve targets
Oversee banner ad placement and rotation
Produces email broadcasts using an online admin.

Weekly for four hours, preferably Mondays. Once trained, telecomminuting is also an option.

Proven Website Management experience.
Web design skills which will include the ability to edit in HTML.
Excellent communication skills and attention to detail.

Staff/Volunteer Liaison:
Executive Director and Director of Programs and Services

Volunteer Position Title: LOFT Library Associate
Purpose of the Position: A LOFT Library Associate is part of The LOFT’s Library Committee which oversees the 4,000+ LGBTQ books and films that comprise the library’s collection. The library is also home to the David Bohnett Cyber Center which offers 6 computer terminals for center visitors.

Responsibilities: Associates assist in the functions of a circulation library which includes sorting new donations, cataloging materials, checking circulating materials, maintaining a library database, and tracking circulating materials.

Frequency: The LOFT Library is open Monday – Friday from 11am – 6pm with some extended evening and weekend hours. The amount of volunteer time committed is flexible.

Qualifications: Associates should enjoy working in a library/computer lab setting and be comfortable interacting with library patrons. Individuals with a special interest in LGBTQ literature, film, and history are encouraged to design programs/events to promote library usage. Associates will be trained on how to navigate the computer programs Readerware, LibraryThing and the Microsoft Office Suite 2010.

Staff/Volunteer Liaison: Associates report to The Library Committee Chair.

Volunteer Position Title: LGBTQ Advocate
Purpose of the Position: At the local, state, federal and international levels, LGBTQ individuals continue to advocate for equality under the law, for protections from discrimination, and for meeting our community’s health and human service needs.

Responsibilities: LGBTQ Advocates can be activists, organizers, information hubs, trainers, educators, cheerleaders or any combination of all of the above. LOFT advocacy work has taken the form of bus trips to Albany and Washington D.C., petition writing, phone-banking, marches, rallies, meetings with elected officials, educational workshops and trainings.

Frequency: The amount of volunteer time committed is flexible.

Qualifications: Due to the variety of advocacy work The LOFT conducts, volunteers can take a position on the frontlines or work behind the scenes. Depending on which, volunteers should be passionate about issues impacting the LGBTQ community and prepared to handle challenges and opposing viewpoints. The hard work makes celebrating our victories even more momentous.

Staff/Volunteer Liaison: Varies based on project/activity.

Volunteer Position Title: LOFT Membership Committee Volunteer
Purpose of the Position: Membership to The LOFT is a fundraising part of the organizations. Through their annual membership, individuals and families are supporting the mission of the center and the programs and services we offer to the community. LOFT members have a vote in the Board of Directors election process and changes to organizational by-laws. They also receive discounts at LOFT events, can check-out materials from The LOFT Library and throughout the year are offered special membership deals at local merchants, theaters, films etc.

Responsibilities: Works with the membership committee. Outreaches to new members and participates in membership drives for renewals. Helps build incentives into LOFT membership.

Frequency: The amount of volunteer time committed is flexible. The LOFT Membership Committee meets quarterly on the 1st Wednesday of select months.

Qualifications: Volunteers should be willing to fundraise and understand the connection between sustainable programs and funding sources. LOFT members make a commitment to support the center and the Membership Committee works to increase the value of that relationship from both sides. Volunteers should be comfortable asking people to financially donate to the organization.

Staff/Volunteer Liaison: Reports to the Membership Committee Chair.

Volunteer Position Title: Programs and Services Assistant
Purpose of the Position: The LOFT’s list of programs and services reflects the diversity of our LGBTQ community. Programs fall under four main categories: education, support, advocacy and celebration.

Responsibilities: Volunteers help maintain existing programs and research, plan and implement new ones. Tasks may include recruiting speakers and instructors, planning trips and community service projects, organizing special events, workshops, courses and assist with marketing and outreach.

Frequency: The amount of volunteer time committed is flexible. On-site work can take place Monday –Friday 10 am to 8 pm with the possibility of some weekend hours depending on the program.

Qualifications: Volunteers should be creative thinkers and logistical planners. We need to answers the questions who, what, when, where and why with an emphasis on why we are offering something and how are we going to measure its success. Experience in Microsoft Office Suite 2010 a plus.

Staff/Volunteer Liaison: Reports to the Director of Programs & Services.

Volunteer Position Title: Memorial Thrift Shop Volunteer
Purpose of the Position: Memorial Thrift Shop is a fundraising stream for The LOFT and Memorial United Methodist Church (MUMC). 100% stocked by donations of new and used items, the shop is part of a Go Green campaign by both agencies to encourage the recycling and resale of usable materials. Items are also distributed to other non-profits and individuals through MUMC’s Emergency Assistance Program.

Responsibilities: Volunteers have the option of working in the shop while it is open or working in the shop/storage rooms during off-hours. During business hours, volunteers assist customers, handle money transactions, maintain a sales journal, and sort, organize and price merchandise. During off-hours, volunteers sort through new donations, create merchandise displays, clean the shop, and cycle in & out merchandise.

Frequency: Currently, Memorial Thrift Shop is open to the public three days a week on Wednesdays from 10 am – 2 pm and Fridays & Saturdays 10 am – 4 pm. Volunteers are asked to commit to at least one shift a month ranging from 1 ½ - 3 hours. Sorting Night is the 1st Thursday evening of each month from 6-9 pm with a free dinner served. Behind the scenes help in the shop can be scheduled at any time.

Qualifications: Volunteers working during business hours should demonstrate positive customer service skills, be comfortable handling money transactions, and enjoy thrift shop environments and clientele. Volunteers working off-hours should be comfortable sorting/handling new and used items. If creating merchandise displays, volunteers should have a creative eye for detail and arrangements.

Staff/Volunteer Liaison: Volunteers report to the Memorial Thrift Shop Co-Chairs.