Volunteer Spotlight of the Month

The Volunteer Spotlight(s) of The Month highlights a volunteer who has given their time volunteering for The LOFT and the surrounding community and has served as a resource for others. The Volunteer Spotlight of the Month can also be found in the monthly email-blast that will be sent out to all of the volunteers. Check out the interviews by clicking on the name of the Volunteer Spotlight!

November 2018 - Geoff Peckman

October 2018 - Christine

September 2018 - Irwin Rothman

August 2018 - Steven Shaw

July 2018 - Louisa Visco 

June 2018 - Jessica Guiracocha

May 2018 - Paula Wilensky (Left) & Ira Cohen (Right)

April 2018 - Martina G

March 2018 - Raymond Terone

February 2018 - Dani Cardinal

January 2018 - Prajakta Lahankar


December 2017 - Al Raymond 


November 2017 - Riccardo Saggese


 October 2017 - Gary Skidmore


September 2017 - Pat Lavin