2023 Pride Merchandise

You know how cray-cray this year has been.  It's been insane: book bannings, transition bans, bathroom bans, sports bans, and now drag queen bans!  Now is not the time for silence. Drag Performers have been the heart and soul of Pride Culture for decades! Let your Pride Gear do the talking for you.  "DRAG is not a crime it IS ART!" is a simple but powerful statement that counters so much of the toxic rhetoric and actions being spewed by radical groups against us.  Wearing our shirts, pins, bags, and stickers lets the world know where you stand:  Our art, our expression, our journies, our lives matter...and we will not be silent, we're gonna get LOUD!

Also, 100% of the sales from this merchandise go to supporting The LOFT LGBTQ+ Community Center's programs and services.  The LOFT is the ONLY full-service, non-profit, community center serving the LGBTQ+ community in Westchester County and the largest in the Lower Hudson Valley region.  Your support helps us fund the support groups, social activities, and special events that have given thousands of our community members the empowerment, support, and acceptance they need to live their fullest lives.


If you buy now, we will have your goodies waiting for pick up at WESTCHESTER PRIDE on June 4: 12:00-5:00 PM: Court Street b/n Martine and Main (or you can come to the center to pick them up)



T-Shirts Color: $20 each.  100% Cotton: S, M, L, XL: (T-shirts made locally by Spectrum Designs-- a non-profit, social enterprise that creates employment and training opportunities for neurodiverse people.) 

Soft Enamel Pin: $7 each. Drop design, soft matte enamel background with raised magenta wording. Dimensions  2 inches tall by 1.5 inches long/wide: 

Stickers: $1.00 each. Lux quality thickness, matte finish round corners, high durability for laptops, mugs, jugs, and notebooks. Dimensions 4 inches tall by 3 inches long/wide: 

Canvas Bags: $5.00 each. Help us spread the good work of The LOFT with our clean, all-canvas and cotton tote bag.  Dimensions: 16 inches tall by 15 inches wide/long: 


BUNDLE PACKAGE: Shirt+Sticker+Pin+Bag =$30 (10% discount)



To order, place the correct amount of what you are purchasing in the order area. For example, if I were purchasing a shirt and three stickers, I would toggle "other" and enter $23.00.  In the "Additional Information" field (towards the bottom) please list the size of the shirt and the quantity of what you ordered. For this same example, I would type in "1 Medium shirt, 3 stickers."  Please send questions to [email protected] 

What if you choose not to use our PayPal processor?  You can send us a check, with a small note of what you are purchasing. Also, include your e-mail. Make payable to "The LOFT LGBTQ+ Community Center" and mail to The LOFT c/o Jeffrey Guard, 252 Bryant Avenue, White Plains, NY 10605. Once we have received your order we can e-mail you a receipt unless you indicate otherwise on the note accompanying your check. 

Contributions are tax deductible.