Ronald Chaluisán Batlle

Ronald Chaluisán Batlle and his husband have resided in Westchester County for more than twenty years.  The couple has been active within the LGBTQ+ community throughout New York City and here, supporting gay-owned businesses, attending LGBT events at the Gay Community Center in Manhattan and the LOFT: LGBT Community Services Center in White Plains, and advocating for LGBTQ+ issues at home and work. Together they have explored the intersection of immigrants' and LGBTQ+ rights when applying for citizenship and creating safe and supportive learning environments for students.  Recently, this interest has expanded to include support for transgender asylum seekers.

Currently, Ron runs the Newark Trust for Education. His experience includes teaching at the elementary, middle, and high school levels and in multiple subject areas, including high school math, English, and dance.  Throughout his career, he worked in New York City, Los Angeles, and Newark. 

Ron has worked diligently in his professional positions to support all students, fighting to ensure that adolescents who explore their sexuality or gender identity aren't bullied or denied access to educational opportunities.  In the 1980s, Ron supported establishing gay-straight alliances in Los Angeles schools as a classroom teacher.  Throughout his tenure as principal and manager of a non-profit organization, Ron sought to establish district and school policies that respected individuals and minimized stereotypes and prejudices.  Finally, in Newark, Ron supported incorporating technical assistance provided by the Hettrick Martin Institute into the Safe and Supportive Learning Environment Initiative of the Newark Trust for Education.   

Ron is a Pahara-Aspen Education Program Fellow. His academic credentials include a Bachelor of Arts in Literature from Harvard University, a Master of Arts in Literature from Claremont Graduate University, and a Master of Education degree in Educational Leadership from Bank Street College of Education.