Holly's Legacy

Holly was a strong, brilliant, beautiful young woman. She loved her college classes, computer programming, and creating video games. She loved fresh mozzarella, fresh bread, and a proper Italian antipasto (yes, a vegetarian antipasto!). Holly loved her family – though she never used those words to say it - she showed her love by cooking and prepping food when family came over to our house. No matter what the question was, the answer was more garlic. She loved playing her guitar and sharing music. She had a very close circle of friends and they were fiercely protective of each other. She loved her dear ferret and her ferret loved her so much. Holly had her happiest days this past summer visiting her beloved enbyfriend. In coming out as trans, and being free to be the beautiful woman that she was, Holly found happiness and love. Her laugh was so special and her smile was golden.

By donating, you honor Holly's spirit and memory by helping transgender and non-binary people who are in need.  Holly's Legacy Fund is dedicated to the exclusive support of providing TransMission scholarships.  Any donation made to this fund will go directly to providing aid and support for transgender and non-binary people in profound need of assistance.  TransMission is a small scholarship of funds available to applicants who identify within the trans & non-binary communities to offset medical, surgical, legal, and/or social transition-related expenses which are not otherwise covered by insurance. To learn more about the people who benefit, click here.

Date  Name    Date  Name
10/29/2021 Tracy and Vito Liberatore   11/2/2021 Lisa Bednarski
11/1/2021 Nancy Steiker   11/2/2021 Cheryl Croft
11/1/2021 Mary Ellen and Edgar Portillo   11/2/2021 Laura Dascoli-Kaupas
11/1/2021 Elizabeth DeVos   11/2/2021 Kelly Ong
11/1/2021 Marcia Scanlan   11/3/2021 David Diaspro
11/1/2021 Scarfone Vincent   11/3/2021 David Wish
11/1/2021 Rob C.   11/4/2021 Adrienne Sforza
11/1/2021 Alissa Mallow   11/4/2021 Ruth Suquinahua
11/1/2021 Arnold Catherine   11/4/2021 Jeffrey Thomas
11/1/2021 Margaret & John DiLullo   11/4/2021 Jason and Jeanie Savino
11/1/2021 Pippa McIntyre   11/4/2021 Jill Watson
11/1/2021 Liaban Kriezl   11/4/2021 Gilbert Jbeily
11/1/2021 Alexa Chalfant   11/4/2021 Matt & Lisa Trinkwald
11/1/2021 Jessica Seipp   11/4/2021 Susan Russ
11/1/2021 Eileen Logan   11/4/2021 Lora Watson
11/1/2021 Sue Docimo   11/5/2021 Selvam Ratinasabapati
11/1/2021 Xiomara Herrera   11/5/2021 Kaila Starr
11/1/2021 Volguardson darby   11/5/2021 Chuck & Sheryl Kuchera
11/1/2021 Joanna Myers Casale   11/6/2021 Kan and Jeanne Guvensel
11/1/2021 Kristine Benefield   11/7/2021 Elias Aoukar
11/1/2021 Dumi Martinez   11/7/2021 Patrick Conklin
11/1/2021 Jennifer Kerr   11/8/2021 Mike & Krista Scott
11/1/2021 Derouen Nita   11/8/2021 Holly Taylor Hornyak
11/1/2021 Jennifer Wilga   11/9/2021 Marissa Singer
11/1/2021 Kathleen McHugh   11/11/2021 Mike & Maureen McHugh
11/1/2021 Eric Hans   11/11/2021 Elle Lanning
11/1/2021 Jodi Korosh   11/11/2021 Catherine Sacer
11/1/2021 Jessie & Paul   11/15/2021 Greg & Emily Lewis
11/1/2021 Kristine Graham   11/16/2021 Anthony Vecchio
11/1/2021 Davis Jessica   11/16/2021 Celia Morelli 
11/1/2021 Frank & Julie Cangelosi   11/16/2021 Howard Weber
11/1/2021 Kenneth Goessl   11/18/2021 Evan Miller
11/1/2021 Koley Corte   11/19/2021 Richard Liontonia
11/1/2021 Melinda Osterberg   11/19/2021 Robert & Kim Williams
11/2/2021 Kelly Millet   11/19/2021 Robert Carrea
11/2/2021 Yekaterina Nemets   11/24/2021 Debora Delaney
11/2/2021 Anna Petrinec   11/29/2021 Loredana DeNardis
11/2/2021 Millie Biswas   11/29/2021 Marjory Cham
11/2/2021 Carolyn Fay   11/30/2021 Rebecca Bagin
11/2/2021 Bob & Evelyn Savino      
11/2/2021 Geri McShane      
11/2/2021 Sofia Murras      


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