In-Person OUT at the Movies to see "Poppy Field" and Q&A with film Director Eugen Jebeleanu


DECEMBER 8 | "Poppy Field" screening + Director Q&A

Film begins 7:30| Group meets 7:15 PM in Lobby | Jacob Burns Film Center


Poppy Field
Q&A with Director Eugen Jebeleanu
2020. 81 m. Eugen Jebeleanu. Film Movement. Romania. Romanian with subtitles. Rated NR.
Group meets at 7:15 PM in Lobby (look for group leader Geoff wearing OATM button)

Just as his long-distance boyfriend comes to visit, Cristi (Conrad Mericoffer), a young police officer, is called in for an intervention at a movie theatre, where a homophobic group has interrupted the screening of a queer-themed film. This is the starting point for a piercing portrait of a man at odds with his sexuality, trying to find a balance between his job in a macho, hierarchical environment and his personal life as a closeted gay person. The situation worsens when one of the protesters threatens to out Cristi, triggering a complex domino effect related to his identity. First-time director Jebeleanu creates, almost in real time, a tense huis-clos drama about censorship and self-censorship in a world that makes it hard to be free if you are different.

Q&A with Director Eugen Jebeleanu

Wednesday, Dec. 8 2021, 7:30

Eugen Jebeleanu is a Romanian theatre and film director. For more than ten years, his projects have been centered around political and social subjects and his artistic endeavor is focused on giving voice to anonymous individuals, to those who don’t adhere to the dominant culture and revolt against systems which censor freedom of expression. He has worked with prestigious theatres around the world, like the National Theatre in Stuttgart and the Opera de Lyon. His creations have been programmed in theatre festivals in Romania, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Republic of Moldova, and France. Poppy Field is his first feature film.

Tickets: 10 (members), 15 (nonmembers)

Group will be going to a local diner for an after movie hangout!

"This adept first feature quickly gathers momentum, delivering a knotty portrait of a man who, like the culture in which he lives, is still wrestling with the very idea of homosexuality"
Wendy Ide, Screen International

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December 08, 2021 at 7:15pm - 9:15pm
Jacob Burns Film Center

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