"Reconciling" Conflicting Perspectives on Juneteenth: Galveston, Texas 1865

Join Aziza (they/them) as they provide primary sources in a seminar presentation that allows participants to understand what Juneteenth meant in 1865 to recently freed Africans, slave owners, the US government and Black activists. Participants will be asked to think about the ways in which the perspectives of 1865 relate to how Juneteenth is understood by folx today.

Aziza (they/them) is an educator, community organizer and academic. They earned the BA in Spanish and Portuguese Literature from the University of California Berkeley. Aziza's research has awarded them several fellowships including: A Fulbright Scholarship to Brazil (2016) and the Center for Latino/a and Latin American Studies: Tinker Field Research Grant (2019). For the past few years, Aziza has worked as a public school educator after having completed graduate level research in History. Their work takes a gendered and queered approach to  comparative slavery studies in the Caribbean and the United States. Aziza aims to make African Diasporic History accessible to Black English, Spanish and Portuguese speaking folks. As such, Aziza is most proud of their Black Spanish Speakers Meetup; a weekly place for Black Spanish Speakers and Learners to grow and nurture community.