Kiara Taylor

Kiara Taylor joined The LOFT as a volunteer in June of 2018.  She has been the facilitator for The LOFT's Westchester Ambiente Latino Support Group since June 2018 . Kiara became a Staff Member for The LOFT as a Peer Navigator in July of 2019.  Ms. Taylor has a passion for the LGBTQ+ community and working with multicultural people around the world including, Westchester County, N.Y. and other counties. 

Ms. Taylor graduated from The College of Westchester in 1997 with an Associate Degree in Management and Marketing.  She will graduate in May of 2020 with a Bachelor’s in Management and Healthcare Services from The College of Westchester.  She has been an active Board Member of Legal Services of the Hudson Valley since June 2018.  Ms. Taylor also graduated as a Practical Nurse in 2006.  She has experience working in the medical field as a Practical Nurse and Mental Health professional as an Mental Health Counselor.  

Ms. Taylor has an amazing passion as a parent for her son Justin Escobar and daughter Yaritza Escobar. She loves her lovely Maltese dog named Sissy. She enjoys reading books, dancing and performing in shows.