May 16, 2022: Message from ED Judy Troilo


Message From Executive Director



(White Plains, NY)


Dear Friends, 

I never imagined writing a letter that could possibly top the craziness of getting through a global pandemic for two years, but here we are.  You have no doubt been reading the headlines and listening to the news and have become greatly concerned by the recent events surrounding the Supreme Court and the leaked documents that suggest the overturning of Roe v. Wade

Rightfully, many of you are concerned that this is only the beginning of what appears to be a sophisticated, full-frontal assault to erase our hard-earned rights.  We share your concern. Over the past few years, we have already witnessed the steady erosion of our rights at all levels.  Now, at the federal level, vis-a-vis The United States Supreme Court, we’ve seemed to reach a tipping point, our rights and protections are in deep peril. 

This is a frightening time for so many of us. But, here’s something to remember, this isn’t our first fight.  These hateful groups have tried time and again to erase us.  They have murdered us, criminalized us, arrested us, institutionalized us, demonized us, and allowed us to apathetically die from HIV/AIDS, and despite all of these horrors, we’ve persevered. We have survived.

They have failed each and every time because they underestimate who we are and our formidable power. Our strength is our community, our resilience lies in putting aside our differences and banding together to overcome whatever form of oppression or tyranny they throw at us. United, WE WILL RISE.

Many of you are asking, “What can I do?” 

Right now there are three extremely important things you can do. 

First, become an active citizen at every level of government.  Participate in your town councils, go to those town hall meetings held by your representatives, and participate in your community and school boards. Show up to these public meetings, listen, learn and introduce yourself to others, and make your voice heard. Your presence matters, when people can personalize the LGBTQ+ Community with a name and face, it becomes humanly possible to change minds. Your presence reminds local officials that you’re watching and paying attention.  

Second, register to vote, and VOTE in every single election.  The Presidential election is critical, but so are the midterms, and other elections for state, county, and local offices. These elected officials have a large and significant impact on the day-to-day quality of your life.  Learn about their positions, reach out with questions, and commit yourself to vote in every single election.

Third, support your local community center and groups.  Your support is needed and more critical than ever.  Places like The LOFT often do the heavy lifting when confronted with issues that threaten our communities. We have worked for years in building constructive relationships with our elected officials, businesses, and civic organizations all with the objective of protecting people like you and me. Your support provides resources allowing us to advocate and build on the work we’ve done. Donations, volunteering, and engaging with the community all have a powerful impact on our ability to safeguard our community.

Westchester Pride is around the corner, Sunday-June 5th,  and we’re hoping that you can join us. In the wake of all that is happening, it’s important that we come together and celebrate each other.  We’re hoping you’ll come and bring your friends, family, and even neighbors to our Pride festival. We have lots in store for you, including entertainment, vendors, food, and more. Let’s show up for each other and celebrate everything we have survived and will survive!


Yours in Pride,

Judy Troilo

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