Nov. 21: Letter From Executive Director



(White Plains, NY)


Dear Friends,

The Holiday Season is upon us. Soon, many of us will be gathering to celebrate the holidays. Of course, not all of us are able to celebrate, some are alone, isolated, or struggling in some way. We recognize that this can be a time of stress and anxiety.

Whatever the circumstances may be, you are not alone. The LOFT is here. This holiday season we will have our “Holiday Conversations,” an online chat this Thanksgiving and another one on December 25th. Come and join us, say hello, and join the conversation as we chat about the holidays, and what they mean for us.

Our peer support groups, our mental health therapy program, and our Helpline services are all available should you want to reach out, connect, and process what’s on your mind. The LOFT is here for you.

As I look back on 2022, I contemplate with gratitude, the powerful ways we came together as a community with our Monkeypox clinics, bringing back Westchester Pride, The LOFT Gala, and The Hudson Valley TransForum in person again, and of course our newest ventures.

This year we’ve rolled out a new, local, network coalition called, “C.A.L.L. To Action.” It’s designed to support, empower and work with local LGBTQ+/Pride organizations in the region by helping to develop a variety of programs, events, and services. We are so excited about extending our reach throughout Westchester County and helping even more of our community members with our local partners.

Speaking of partners, CenterLane's TransParentcy program is back in-person and we are also collaborating on a new program, “Youth Night.” These are both held at The LOFT campus. Youth Night is a Friday evening pizza party for LGBTQ+ youth, 5th through 12th grade. For our young members to have a dedicated space to mix and mingle in a safe and affirming environment is crucial.

We’re also moving closer to our new center space, complete with Senior LGBTQ+ affirming housing! I cannot begin to tell you how excited all of this makes us feel. As we move forward with these initiatives, we’ll be sharing updates with you.

Of all the things I’m most grateful for, its members like you. Over the past few turbulent years, so many of you stepped up and became, not just supporters, you became champions, super-stars, and powerhouses to us and for us. So many of you increased your level of donations and other dedicated forms of support.

The LOFT could not be where it is today without the incredible support of so many people like you. So, THANK YOU. As we move into Thanksgiving, and into our December holidays, this is something I am truly grateful for.

I also hope you’ll be able to join us for our annual Holiday Brunch. It’s the best time of year when so many of us come together, enjoy a great meal, catch up, and celebrate the year. I hope to see you and offer you a personal, heartfelt thank you for everything you do to make our community and center stronger than ever.

Yours in Pride,

Judy Troilo