Pride Emcee and CoHost 2022

OLIVIA LUX: EMCEE and HOST of Westchester Pride 2022

Fast Facts About Olivia:

RuPaul's Drag Race Fame: Olivia Lux was on Season 13 of the award-winning show, watch her in MEET THE QUEENS:

From Nicki Swift: "Olivia Lux, who lives in Brooklyn, New York but originally hails from New Jersey. She was only 26 years old when she joined Season 13 of RuPaul's Drag Race. Olivia Lux shared in her Meet the Queens video how she picked her name. She chose "Olivia" for Olivia Pope from Scandal, because she's "a fierce, Black woman [and a] leading lady." She then said, "'Lux' comes from the Latin word for 'light' because I light up every single room I walk into." That's an awesome back story for such a catchy name!"

In her own words from OUT Magazine about joining the ballroom House of Miyake-Mugler: "I think the defining moment for me was when I got invited to a ballroom family gathering moment and no other house invited me to anything like that. I really appreciated that. I could instantly tell that Miyake-Mugler was all about family and community and that was something that I didn't have. I spoke a bit about not having an immediate drag family on my season. So now, kind of seeing on the horizon the possibility of me having a ballroom family, I'd never thought about that. I quickly realized that this could not only enrich my experience as an artist as a drag queen but also as a person of color finding their way in New York City. I quickly found myself under their wing and I got swept into the ballroom scene and I love every second of it."


MAXXX PLEASURE: Co-Host of Westchester Pride 2022

Maxxx Pleasure is an award-winning drag king based in NYC. He hosts a weekly vlog series that features advice for all kinds of drag performers and stories from his own drag journey (like performing at Bushwig, the Austin International Drag Festival, Sasha Velour’s Nightgowns, winning the Brooklyn Nightlife Award for Drag King of the Year, inspiring the short documentary MAXXX, and even more)! Maxxx also weighs in on LGBTQ+ issues and conversations, reviews tv shows, movies, books, and music videos, and can't help but fangirl (fan-person?) over Taylor Swift.

You can find Maxxx on social media: Instagram | Twitter | TikTok | Tumblr  (photo credit for Maxxx Pleasure: Lucy La Riot)