Queer Community Book Club (QCBC)

Using books written by people who identify themselves within queer communities, Queer Community Book Club (QCBC) aims to deepen our sense of community and ourselves in a queer centric space. QCBC a free program that is cosponsored by Queery and The LOFT LGBTQ+ Community Center.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, this group will be meeting virtually until further notice. (Click here to learn more)

Queer Community Book Club meets every Saturday from 10:00am-11:00am. 


"Gender Queer" a memoir written by Maia Kobabe

Q.C.B.C. start reading and discussing this book on Saturday, Sept 24th and be discussing the first chapter on that date.  


QCBC, a collaborative program of The LOFT LGBTQ+ Community Center and Queery, just concluded their discussions of
"Stone Butch Blues" a novel by Leslie Feinberg.

For September 17th's meeting:

QCBC will be reading a children's book titled, "Artistic Expressions of Transgender Youth" by Tony Feraiolo


Saturday, September 17, 2022 | QCBC with Special Guest Speaker Tony Ferraiolo!

Tony Ferraiolo, CPC
Trans Youth Advocate / Trainer / Author
Pronouns: He/ him/ his

Tony Ferraiolo is known as a compassionate and empowering Life Coach and a motivating and thought-provoking trainer. Since 2005 Tony has provided trainings to over 70,000 people around the country. Tony has dedicated himself to both promoting competent and respectful health care for the transgender community, by educating providers, and advocating on behalf of patients. Also, training educators on providing a safe and respectful space for transgender children in a school environment.  He encompasses a unique ability to make light of a sometimes-challenging situation which puts his audience at ease to fully participate in his trainings and leaves his audience with a greater awareness of how to move forward in supporting their patients, staff, co-workers, students, and children.

In 2008 Tony started several support groups to support transgender youth and their families, the groups meet concurrently, providing a complete support system for these families, drawing families from New York and throughout New England. Since 2008 these groups have served over 1000 families.

In 2009 he recognized the need to provide chest binders to members of his community who needed them but had no ability to access them. Since 2009, Tony has given over 400 binders to transgender people all over the world. And in 2021 Health Care Advocates International took on the binder drive as part of the LGBTQ+ Youth and family program.

In 2017 Tony was a Contributing Author for Article in Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry “Ten Things Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Youth Want Their Doctors to Know”.

In 2020 he was a Contributing Author for the Springer Publication "Pediatric Gender Identity" Overview and Terminology Chapter.

In 2021 he was a Contributing Author for the Publish Your Purpose Publication “The Real Lives of Transgender and Nonbinary Humans

In 2019 he received his teaching certification in Mindfulness and incorporates mindfulness in all his trainings.

Tony is the subject of the award-winning documentary “A Self-Made Man” and the Author of the book series “Artistic Expressions of Transgender Youth”.  He also hosted the A&E miniseries Transitioning, were he coached three transgender young adults through social transition. 

Tony is also the Co-Founder of the Jim Collins Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides financial assistance to transgender people for gender-confirming surgeries. Tony also held the position of the President of the board for 10 years.

He is also the Director of Health Care Advocates International’s LGBTQ+ Youth and Family Program.


Queer Community Book Club (QCBC) meets every Saturday morning from 10:00am-11:00am.

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