Gender-Inclusive Makeup Class with MAC Bloomingdales

HVTF on Saturday, November 21st | 6-6:45pm
Virtual, Gender-Inclusive Makeup Class with MAC Bloomingdales



Class Description:

Join us for a free, virtual, gender-inclusive makeup class presented by MAC Bloomingdales White Plains! We'll be doing a "glam look" to get ready to the Night of Resilience community party.

The first 30 minutes of this session will be a tutorial, where we'll discuss makeup-basics including color-correcting, skin care tips, etc. We will go over an everyday makeup look and then build our glam look on top of that!

The last 15 minutes will be a safe-space for you to ask any and all questions you have about makeup to MAC professionals. Bring your own makeup, come with a notebook and pen, or just join to watch and ask questions!

All are welcome. No prior knowledge necessary.