Workplace Encounters

Lucky Hernandez
Pronouns: they/them/theirs
Alexander Hershman
Pronouns: he/him/his, they/them/theirs

HVTF Breakout Session 2 Workshop Presenters on Saturday, November 23rd
Workplace Encounters: What it means to be Trans & NB/GNC

Lucky Hernandez Alexander Hershman

Workshop Description: In this workshop, we would invite all participants to talk about their experiences from their professional environments involving the trans and NB/GNC community. The moderators will facilitate the discussion to expose trans experiences, identify inadequacies in the workplace, identify the activity of support systems for trans individuals, and exhibit the social relationship between cis and trans workers. Topics range from the hiring process to pronoun and name usage to workplace discrimination. The discussion will be led by participant input. The impact of this workshop should increase cultural humility and strengthen solidarity within the local community.

Workshop Format: This workshop with be an interactive group-facilitated discussion. It will begin with 15-20 minutes of introductions around the room. There will be about 60-65 minutes of discussion coming from participants. It will end with a 10 minute Q&A with a small survey to gauge the impact of this workshop.

Lucky Hernandez is an indigenous Latinx social services worker dedicated to the advocacy of all marginalized individuals. They have worked with organizations for queer equality and empowerment for five years including student unions, The Frederick Center in Maryland, and now CANDLE’s Leadership Project in Rockland, NY. They strive to have their education, experience, and visibility be a beneficial impact on the community.

Alexander Hershman is a transmasculine/non-binary, queer horticulturist, environmental steward, and community activist. Alexander primarily works in the food industry as a farmer. He has been affiliated with the CANDLE Leadership Project since 2016 empowering LGBTQ+, and allied youth at Common Threads, Pride, and other events.