Writers Workshop

Have you ever thought about writing creatively, and would like feedback on your creative project? Do you have a novel, short story, poem, or play inside of you that you've been developing? Come and join our workshop and receive the support and feedback that can help you get to that next level with your creative project!


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Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, this group will be meeting virtually until further notice. (Click here to learn more)


  • The Writers Workshop has become a VIRTUAL PROGRAM (with some selected times in the year for in-person gatherings).
  • Workshops are held every 3rd Wednesday of each month from 7:30-9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. (Please note there are exceptions.)
  • If you are looking to have your work reviewed, you need to submit your work by no later than the 2nd Wednesday and participate in the critique process.
  • Submitting on the 2nd Wednesday of the month gives everyone a week to read all the submissions and produce critiques for everyone's work.  Once you submit your work, you too will receive access to the submissions where you will also need to prepare a brief critique on every piece of work submitted. (You'll also receive a guide for writing critiques--it's really easy and a quick read). We have also recently added an "early bird submission" for those writers who want to submit longer than 6 pages.  It's due on the 1st Wednesday of the month, giving readers two weeks to review their work.
  • That 3rd Wednesday we will all meet and collectively review everyone's submission, writer by a writer. Everyone will have a chance to weigh in and offer their assessment in a friendly and constructive atmosphere.  All writers who submit work for review are required to also attend, participate and produce critiques for all other submissions in order to receive their critiques and feedback.

The LOFT Writers Workshop meets on the third Wednesday of every month from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. 


The Writers Workshop accepts most creative projects including but not limited to fiction novels, non-fiction, memoir, essays, short stories, poetry, comic strips, screenplays, etc...  The most common work that has been submitted by writers is fiction projects (novels and short stories) and poetry. While not a requirement, we do encourage submissions to contain LGBTQ+ themes.  One of the great benefits of LGBTQ+ writing spaces is receiving feedback from writers who are centered with an LGBTQ+ identity and can offer insight and perspective that can enhance the quality of your project.


It's my first time and I'm ready to submit my work...WHAT DO I DO?

First, double-check your submission:

  • Is your name somewhere on the manuscript?
  • Does it correspond to the submission standards: length, font size, double-space, and standard margins? Please do not try to manipulate your document to squeeze in extra content. This is highly inconsiderate towards your fellow writers. You are asking them to spend more time and resources on your work than on theirs.  If your work does not follow the guidelines, you may be at risk of having it sent back to you and asked to have it conform to the standards laid out (you will still have to meet the established timelines for submission).  Don't risk it, follow the guidelines.
  • Once you've ensured that your work meets the submission standards e-mail [email protected] and let him know you're ready to submit your work.  He will then supply you with a link to access the shared folder where writers upload their work.  You will only need to do this one time, afterward, you should have access to the shared folder. 


**IMPORTANT: PLEASE read the submission guidelines carefully.  Failure to comply with the length and standards can result in a return of your submission.**

2023 Spring Semester Schedule

Workshop Month Submission Due by Second Wednesday/month:  Workshop (7:30 pm-9:00 pm) EST-3rd Wednesday/month: Submission Length/standards
April April 12 April 19

Submission: 8 pages, Double spaced, 12 pt font, standard margins

(Does not include brief paragraph that summarizes/explains work)

May  May 10 May 17 TBC

The Writers Workshop will be on Summer Break from June-August, Fall Semester begins September


The Writers Workshop Is A VIRTUAL PROGRAM


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LOFT Social Groups are open groups that welcome everyone ages 18 and over. Groups are led by members of the LGBTQ+ and allied communities. There is no need to preregister and no fee to attend.

Donations are welcome. Suggested donation is $5; more if you can, less if you can't. Fees related to activities are the responsibility of participants. To donate, click here or text The LOFT to 44321.