Zan Labuschagne

Zandalee Labuschagne joined the LOFT in September 2019 as an intern. She is currently an international student at Westchester Community College and will graduate in May 2020 with an associates in Human Services. In January 2020, Zandalee became The LOFT's Communications Assistant. 

Zandalee grew up in South Africa and in 2015, after founding a pre-school there, decided to become an au pair in America and developed a close relationship with her host family. In 2017, she returned to America to pursue a degree in Early Childhood education before switching majors to Human Services. Zandalee is hoping to eventually receive a bachelors in Social Work and pursue a career, advocating for the LGBT+ community and educating business and health care providers on how they can better serve the LGBT and TGNCNB communities.