Fran Sisco

Fran Sisco's activities may be categorized by her three main professional goals:

(1) to help people in their business and financial lives, primarily through her personal financial advisory practice, mainly serving professionals and retired individuals for many aspects of their life and money in a holistic manner (e.g. CPA, Personal Financial Specialist (PFS), Accredited Estate Planner (AEP), principal of her own registered investment advisory firm, licensed insurance agent in several states, and previously a registered representative of broker-dealer firms, and prior owner of several small businesses, including retail stores and marketing firms, and;

(2) to use her creativity to invent and develop new products and services, such as captionized music video, innovative investment-protection strategies (including a patent-pending system), board games, internet video marketing techniques, Apple iPhone accessory, and niche retail businesses and;

(3) to serve communities through her creative-expression affiliations such as being (a) a board member of the LOFT including open-mic nights and variety parties, (b) an active member of the Imperial Court of New York and a performer at many charity events sponsored by that organization (c) a co-host of a local radio show helping people in crisis, (d) a volunteer poet at long-term care facilities through the Poetry Caravan, (e) a writer of over 100 essays and 200 poems and songs and parodies on life and money and as a transgender woman in transition, and a 1,000 page book called “Left Brain, Right Brain and the Soul,” (f) performing at shows for stand-up comedy, singing and dancing and (g) advisory roles for nonprofits including the Bronxville Women’s Club.

Fran lives with her spouse and daughter in New Rochelle, NY and enjoys songwriting, collecting, inventing, videography, performing, painting, and writing.