Become a Board Member

Becoming a Board Member


Thank you for your interest in becoming or nominating someone for The LOFT's Board of Directors. 

The instructions below provide information on what is required in an application.  

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2023 LOFT Nominations for Board of Directors

The LOFT invites members with experience and insight to join its Board of Directors. The Board of Directors has the general duty of governing the business of The LOFT. 

The LOFT LGBTQ+ Community Center (legally known as The LOFT: The Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center, Inc.) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to further the cause of inclusion, diversity, and pride through education, advocacy, and celebration. Founded in 1983, the organization is guided by its core values of respect, inclusivity, opportunity, and integrity. Being a member of the Board of Directors provides a unique opportunity to:

  • Contribute to the success of The LOFT.
  • Make a positive impact on the LGBTQ+ community in Westchester County, and beyond.
  • Serve your community helping to execute The LOFT mission to Educate, Advocate and Celebrate.

Ideal Candidates Should Meet the Following Criteria: 

  • Age:  You must be over 18 years of age.
  • LOFT Membership: You must be a LOFT member in good standing.
  • Diversity: The LOFT's Board aims to be as diverse as the community we serve. The Board is at its best when we have directors representing a range of demographic communities including gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, race, age, and physical challenges.
  • LGBTQ+ Knowledge: Community experience and knowledge of The LOFT and its programs and services is valuable for all Board members.
  • Proven leadership ability: Let us know about your professional and volunteer background and the skill sets you’ll bring to the Board.
  • Social Network:  Connecting with the community, bringing in new members and supporters, and developing new relationships beneficial to The LOFT community is critical for all Board members.
  • Personal Give & Get Commitment: Being a Board Director means personally contributing and helping to raise funds each year. It also includes being part of committees (e.g., Finance, Fundraising, Nominations/Board orientation) that meet throughout the year.
  • Board Experience:  If you have previous experience serving on Boards, let us know.
  • Professionalism: All Board members must act professionally and recognize that their words and actions represent the broader organization when they interact with members and the public.
  • Knowledge of Non-Profits: Knowledge and experience regarding nonprofit and volunteer organizations (not limited to LOFT experience) is helpful.
  • The Board is currently seeking the following skill sets: Healthcare, Religious/Spiritual, Psychology, Social Work, Information Technology, Real Estate, Construction, Fundraising, Public Relations, Marketing, Social Media. 

Nominations Procedure:

Please submit the following items by email to [email protected]  before April 10, 2023.

  • Statement of Interest: Indicate why are you interested in serving on The LOFT Board. Detail the skills, competencies and unique contributions you would bring to the Board.  (one page)
  • Resume: Provide a copy of your resume detailing your relevant professional and volunteer experience.

Next steps:

  • You will be contacted by a member of our Nominations/Recruitment Committee to schedule an interview.
  • Thank you for your time and your interest in serving The LOFT and the local LGBTQ+ community.