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Take a Virtual Tour of The LOFT's campus.  See how our campus is configured, meet the amazing team that brings you the services and programs enjoyed by our community in The Hudson Valley and beyond!



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What is LGBT Center Awareness Day?

October 19 is the day that LGBT Center Awareness Day is celebrated.

This day is an opportunity to raise awareness of the impact of LGBT Centers on communities
world-wide. LGBT issues are gaining wider exposure in local, national and global arenas. LGBT
Center Awareness Day is an opportunity for us to collectively create a greater awareness of the
impact of LGBT centers in their communities and on their campuses; to acknowledge
supporters and volunteers; and to educate people about our mission and our accomplishments.
We celebrate LGBT centers that operate both in communities and on college campuses. LGBT
Community Centers are embedded in their local communities. LGBT Campus Centers and
Offices are embedded in college campuses, providing support and education to the college
community. Together, we celebrate the great work that both types of centers do, and
encourage campus and community centers to connect with each other.

Why is LGBT Center Awareness Day important?

LGBT Community Centers serve over 43,500 individuals in a typical week and refer over 6,000
individuals to other agencies for services and assistance.
They are often the only staffed non-profit LGBT presence in the area and the first point of
contact for people seeking information, coming out, accessing services or organizing for social

Over 210 college campuses across the U.S. and Canada support an LGBT center or office,
meaning that they collectively serve 4 million college students.
Campus centers provide information and referrals to students, staff, faculty, and community
members. They often provide training, resources, and advocacy.

LGBT Center Awareness Day is an opportunity to spotlight the great work that centers do, both
on campus and in communities, and to highlight the (sometimes life-saving) services that they