The LOFT’s Mission and Values

Our Mission:  Advocate | Educate | Celebrate

▪️To further the cause of inclusion, diversity, and pride through education, advocacy, and celebration.


Our Core Values:  Respect | Inclusivity | Opportunity | Integrity

▪️To provide a safe space in which everyone is respected, supported, and valued.

▪️To ensure an inclusive and affirming environment which reflects our diverse identities.

▪️To broaden knowledge about and for our community.

▪️To foster awareness of issues which affect all members of our community and be responsive to their needs.

▪️To be a forceful advocate for justice and positive, progressive change for all LGBTQ+ people.

▪️To celebrate the past, present, and future of our culture and our contributions to society.

▪️To steadfastly fulfill our mission with dedication and vigilance.