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Are you an LGBTQ+ owned business and/or one that values and supports the LGBTQ+ Community? Are you a business that understands the importance and impact of offering an LGBTQ+ inclusive environment?

If yes, come and learn more about The LOFT's Business Partner Program, join us, and the opportunity to connect the community with your business. 

By becoming a business partner, you are helping to make the whole community safer and more equitable for the LGBTQ+ consumer.  Have a look at our business packages, schedule a call with Jeffrey and learn how we can help you and your business thrive in our community.


Choose which annual package is right for you:

  • Rainbow Partner: Your Business's name, address, phone, website, email, logo, short description will be included in The LOFT's website directory listing in bolder type! Rainbow Partners will also be an advertising sponsor of our main weekly email blast for 4 weeks. 
    • For-Profit Businesses-$285 per year
    • Non-Profit Business/Organizations-$175 per year


  • Champion Partner: You will receive everything in the Rainbow Partner package, plus: an editorial interview promoted on our digital platform. 
    • For-Profit Businesses-$335 per year
    • Non-Profit Business/Organizations-$225 per year


  • Champion Partner Add-Ons. Another big benefit for Champion Partners is the option to buy the following add-ons at any time during your contract 
    • Extended email blast advertising sponsor: $99/month
    • Blog Advertorial: $199
    • Event/Workshop hosting: $249
    • LGBTQ+ Cultural Training for employees: $399

All purchases are good for a total of 12 months starting from the time of purchase.

Have questions, interested?  Contact [email protected] or (914) 948-2932 x16

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LOFT Business Partners receive discounts on all print, electronic, and social media advertising. Business Partners will be contacted directly about special offers throughout the year.


Thinking of becoming a LOFT Business Partner?  Consider these stats*…

♦ LGBTQ+ consumers are extremely loyal to brands they see as friendly to them. In fact, 68% of  LGBTQ+ consumers say they are more likely to buy from an LGBTQ+-friendly company – a perception based on advertising and word-of-mouth.

♦ Brands that feature LGBTQ+ imagery in their advertising are looked upon more favorably by the LGBTQ+ market.  71% of LGBTQ+ consumers said they have a more positive impression of companies that run advertising geared toward them.

♦ LGBTQ+ consumers are early adopters when it comes to embracing new products and trends.  Since they are also more than twice as likely to seek advice from their friends and peers, a new product offering can benefit greatly from the LGBTQ+ market.

♦ LGBTQ+ consumers spend over $600 billion every year.

♦ The LGBTQ+ community over-indexes in categories such as affluence and education level.  The average LGBTQ+ annual household income is $61,000, 20.4% higher than in a heterosexual household.  And 83% of LGBTQ+ people have attended and/or graduated from college.

♦ Research shows that the LGBTQ+ community absorbs more media than heterosexual consumers – especially TV and print.

Becoming a LOFT Business Partner is an amazing deal and a wonderful opportunity to both market your business to a loyal consumer group, and support a much-needed and hard-working LGBTQ+ community center. 

Being a LOFT Business Partner not only makes good business sense, it just makes sense!

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