2021 Holiday Message from Executive Director, Judy Troilo



Dear Community,

I hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy during this Holiday Season.  I wanted to take a moment to say, “thank you” for the level of support so many of you have given us in 2021. 

Thank you, to those who have donated. Your funds are a vital source of support that allows us to meet the needs of the community, even when the demand spikes to unprecedented levels.

Thank you, to our volunteers who showed up in person and online to help the community with our programs and services. Your in-person support has helped thousands through such a difficult time.


There’s something else that this pandemic reminds me of: our resilience.  I have been inspired by so many of you who have risen up, to move past the ravages of this difficult year, all the while helping others.  That’s exactly what it’s all about, a community coming together to empower each other.


This is why I’m so proud to be a part of The LOFT and to call you my friend. Together, we are working to address the surge of demand that has hit us hard during these past two years.  

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to read “Our Stories,” a collection of stories that illustrate how many different people within the LGBTQ+ are in need of our services and how different they vary.  These characters are fictional but are based on multiple, real-life examples. What you'll read is how profound and varying the need is for so many.

That’s what makes The LOFT so vital to our community.  We’re here to meet these needs and we’re not going to stop.  


In order to do this, we still need your help.  As we end the year, please consider supporting The LOFT with a tax-deductible donation.  Your donations, as I mentioned above, are vital to helping us serve our ever-growing community.  


Thank you, for all that you do to better our community and I’m looking forward to connecting with each and every one of you in 2022!


Yours in Pride,



Contributions are tax deductible.