A Complete Guide To Transgender & Non-Binary Identities

Presentation Description:

This interactive presentation delves into the separate spectra of Gender Identity, Gender Expression, Sexual Orientation and Physical Sex to lay the groundwork for eliminating the confusion frequently encountered by mere observation.  We will discuss terminology, and the presence of dysphoria in both binary and non binary identities, and the pitfalls of trans etiquette mistakes and the failure to correct them.  We will explore the psychological and various societal stresses of being trans, and the types of mental, social and physical transition that people experience while grappling with their growing awareness of being trans. The sobering statistics on the effects of misunderstanding or disrespect for trans people of all ethnic groups will provide valuable facts in advocating for sensitivity for trans people. Appropriate for LGBTQIA individuals, their friends and allies.  Questions from the audience to the presenters will be welcomed during this workshop.

Presenter Bio:

Anthony Arrien is a trans man who has facilitated The LOFT’s Transgender Peer Support Group two Sundays per month since early 2016.  He is chairman of the LGBTQIA Social Justice Team at Community Unitarian Universalist Congregation at White Plains, where as a part of their outreach efforts, he created a 30 second video for “Transgender Day of Visibility.” (“TDOV :30” on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1EhHKlJ4kk ). He has put on many LGBTQ educational presentations and panel discussions there and for other organizations in the area. 

Tony came out publicly as trans on local community television in April of 2017 in his home town. He an artist and a filmmaker who operates a government and an educational channel in Putnam Valley, NY, and does advocacy for Local Community TV as Chairman of the Alliance for Community Media of New York (www.acmny.org).  He also is involved in public policy for LGBT issues and has done legislative visits to Albany to advocate for the GENDA bill and other LGBT legislation.

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