Binary Code: Decoding QTBIPOC Identities in White Spaces

Nykia Sturdivant-Reyes
Pronouns: they/she

HVTF Workshop Breakout 2 | Friday, November 11th | 1-2:15pm
Binary Code: Decoding QTBIPOC Identities in White Spaces

Workshop Description: Binary Code is a workshop about what it can look like to be trans or non-binary in communities of color, their intricate identities, and how we can cater to them in predominantly white spaces. This workshop is intended for the likes of community members and professionals working with LGBTQ+ youth and adults. It will cover topics on cultural awareness, anti-racism, inclusive terminology and more.

Workshop Format: This workshop will be a presentation with slides & space for discussions between topics.


Nykia S. Reyes (they/she) became the local Youth Pride Coordinator of CANDLE Rockland in 2022. She provides counseling and support to teens throughout Rockland County, NY. They promote empowerment and advocacy amongst LGBTQ+ youth specifically through events, peer groups, in-school visits, and training to professionals.
Nykia has a Bachelors Degree in Popular Music Analysis and Black Studies from the City College of New York. There she was the Treasurer of the Black Student Union and graduated with the highest GPA in their program earning them the William Hallett Green Award.

Community Awareness Network For A Drug-Free Life And Environment, Inc. (CANDLE) was founded as a non-profit organization in 1982. Its mission is to prevent substance abuse and violence among youth. CANDLE's goal is to improve the health and climate of our schools and our communities by providing prevention education and resistance strategies to youth and their adult allies, and support programs for young people at risk.

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