Brain Health for TGNCNB Communities

Z Paige L'Erario, MD
Pronouns: they/them

HVTF Workshop Breakout 1 | Friday, November 11th | 1:00-2:15 pm
Brain Health for TGNCNB Communities

Z Paige L'Erario, MD

Workshop Description: We will use the Minority Stress and Resilience Framework (Ilan Meyer 2003, 2015) to describe the neuropsychiatric outcomes of the unique oppression and structural disadvantages the transgender community faces. Minority stress is neurotoxic and is thought to account for systemic disparities in brain health noted in the transgender community. Furthermore, gender affirming hormone therapy interacts with commonly-used medications for seizure and headache management.

Topics will include:

  • Cerebrovascular disease (stroke) in the transgender community
  • Functional Neurological disorders (FND) in the transgender community
  • Seizure and headache prevention in the transgender community
  • Mental health outcomes in the transgender community
  • Neurological issues in aging transgender community members
  • Pain and nerve conditions in the transgender community

The issues raised during our discussions will be synthesized to brainstorm future directions in “Gender Minority Neurology,” a new and developing subspecialty within the neurological professions.

Workshop Format: This 75-minute facilitated workshop is a 30-minute lecture presentation followed by active discussion regarding selected topics by the presenter. Attendees should expect to learn what neurological conditions the transgender community is at risk for and what the unique experiences of these patients are, as compared to their cisgender peers.


Z Paige L’Erario, MD (they/them) is a board-certified neurologist and transgender activist. They are currently a graduate student in social service at Fordham University and the Vice-Chair of the LGBTQI Section of the American Academy of Neurology. Their work has been published in Scientific American, Psychiatric Times, and Neurology: Clinical Practice. Their blog can be followed at, or follow them on Twitter @MPLerario or Instagram @greenburghpride.

Speaker Links:

Twitter: @MPLerario
IG: @greenburghpride

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