Chalk It Out

Chalk It Out is a chalk wall as you enter The LOFT LGBTQ+ Community Center.  We ask the visitors to the center a question and what they say is captured in the pictures below. 

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Pride Wings

What Does A Gender Affirming World Look Like?

Show Us How You Celebrate Pride!

What's on Your #PridePlaylist?

What Is Your Favorite Season?

My Contribution To History Today Is...

Share Your Resilient Message

I'm Inspired By...

My Drag Name Would Be

What I Love Most About Spring

What Makes Me Smile Is...

What Makes You Proud?

What The World Needs Now...

What Is Your Favorite Summer Pastime?

What Razzle Dazzles You?

What's your favorite LGBTQ+ movie?

What's Your Favorite LGBTQ+ vacation spot?

When You Are Down What Lifts You Up?

What's Your Favorite Trick or Treat?

Comfort In Community Event

How Can The LOFT Support You Right Now?

Who Inspires You?

What's Your Idea Of Fun During The Holidays?

What Do You Like To Do On A Snow Day?

What Question Do You Want On This Wall?

Draw On Me

For Women's History Month Who Inspires You?

When Or Where Are You Most At Peace?

What Do You Identify As?

Bon Voyage, Kat, Laura, Bobo

Describe Yourself In 2-3 Words

What Is Your Ethnic/Cultural Background?

What's Your Favorite Play? 

Create A Holiday For August..

Which Website Do You Visit Daily?

What New Group /Activity Would You Like The Loft To Start?

What Was The Highlight Of Your Summer?

What Was Your Favorite Subject Or College Course?

What/Who Are You Most Grateful For?

What Are You Looking Forward To Seeing Most This Fall?

 What Makes You Shine?

Why Do LGBTQ+ Centers Matter To You?

Help Make The LOFT's Yuletide Gay

In Honor of Black History Month, Who's Your Favorite LGBTQ+ Trailblazer of Color?

Who's Your Favorite Women's Advocate in Her-Story?

When Spring Has Sprung What Activities Do You Do?

What Will You Do To Help Improve The Earth?

So This one Time At Band Camp...

This Year The Gala Theme Is Legacy, What Do You Want Your Legacy Yo Be?

What Is Your Favorite Fall Activity?

If Your Life Had A Theme Song, What Would It Be?

My Favorite Food To Eat/Cook Around The Holidays Is... 

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