Creating Space for Gender Euphoria

Weston Siano
Pronouns: he/him

Liz Verrastro
Pronouns: she/her

HVTF Workshop Breakout 2 | Saturday, November 12th | 1-2:15pm
Creating Space for Gender Euphoria
(youth-focused workshop)

Workshop Description: This workshop will be for Trans and Gender Non-Conforming youth to participate in affirmation activities and focus on ways to implement self care in all spaces. The first definition of Trans identity was not about dysphoria, but the euphoria felt from being able to express one's gender authentically. While treating dysphoria is important, celebrating the euphoria experienced when Trans folks get to live as their true selves needs to be emphasized. We’ll discuss the concept of Gender Euphoria, brainstorm what makes us feel euphoric, and take Pride in who we are. Creating space for gender euphoria in ourselves affirms our identities while also having fun!

Workshop Format: This workshop will be interactive. With a handful of slides, informal conversation with the audience, and hands-on engagement with activities. Participants will need some space to move around as well as table space to create affirmation cards.


Weston Siano (he/him) is a Latinx Trans-man with a passion for helping Trans youth build a better tomorrow. Weston currently runs several LGBTQ+ youth programs through WJCS Center Lane. He also educates local schools on LGBTQ+ student issues. Moving forward, Weston hopes to bridge the gap between the economically and racially diverse towns of Westchester county. He’s started this process by helping to form a new Trans support group for BIPOC Trans youth. Weston is a voice for the youth and is driven by his love for social justice and community outreach. He won’t stop until maximum inclusivity is achieved.
Liz Verrastro (she/her) is a Social Worker for WJCS Center Lane, Westchester's only LGBTQ+ youth program. As a counselor, she’s worked with youth of all ages and believes every young person deserves to have their mental health taken seriously. She is a certified Youth Mental Health First Aid instructor and is trained in providing inclusive care for LGBTQ+ youth.A big advocate of self-care, Liz loves learning and teaching new forms of self-awareness.

About WJCS Center Lane:

WJCS Center Lane is where LGBTQ+ youth create community, connect with culture, and contribute to the world! For 27 years, we have been the only program dedicated exclusively to serving LGBTQ+ youth under 21 in Westchester County by providing psychoeducational programming in welcoming spaces facilitated by caring, supportive adult experts. At Center Lane programs, youth make friends, discuss issues important to them, problem-solve with the help of their peers, and engage as leaders.

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