Cycle 1 Award Recipients


TransMission is a small scholarship of funds available to applicants who identify within the trans & non-binary communities to offset medical, surgical, legal, and/or social transition-related expenses which are not otherwise covered by insurance.  Please note: TransMission scholarships are "microgrants" meant to offset costs related to therapy, hormones, gender-affirming clothing/living expenses, etc, and will not cover the complete cost of most surgical procedures.

 For questions, please contact [email protected] 

d⚧ Applications for Cycle 4 of TransMission will be open from September - October 2022 

Please check here in September for the online application!
(Cycle 4 awards will be announced in November 2022)


2021 LOFT Transmission cycle Spring Awardee Carla from New York



LOFT Transmission 2021 Cycle 1 Spring Awardee Kam from California


LOFT Transmission Awardee Cycle 1 Spring Kian


LOFT Transmission 2021 Spring Cycle Awardee Layilla


LOFT Transmission 2021 Spring Cycle 1 Awardee Lazer from Virgina


LOFT Transmission 2021 Spring cycle 1 Awardee Rowen from New York


Ruka Transmission 2021 Awardee, As a legally blind, trans woman, funds like this are a literal lifesaver, as being disabled makes it hard to earn the money I need for basic trans care. I'm closer now to feeling comfortable in my own body, and couldn't be happier!"


LOFT Transmission 2021 Spring Cycle 1 Awardee Sage


LOFT Transmission Awardee Spring Cycle 1 2021 Starr from Texas