Cycle 2 Recipients

TransMission is a small scholarship of funds available to applicants who identify within the trans & non-binary communities to offset medical, surgical, legal, and/or social transition-related expenses which are not otherwise covered by insurance.  Please note: TransMission scholarships are "microgrants" meant to offset costs related to therapy, hormones, gender-affirming clothing/living expenses, etc, and will not cover the complete cost of most surgical procedures.

 For questions, please contact [email protected] 

d⚧ Applications for Cycle 4 of TransMission will be open from September - October 2022 

Please check here in September for the online application!
(Cycle 4 awards will be announced in November 2022)

Alycia, 32, Minnesota

"What may seem small to some, is monumental for others. With this funding, I am really excited to continue gender-affirming care that I wouldn't otherwise have. I haven't been able to hide beard shadow consistently which has made me struggle to feel confident and avoid public-facing careers I would have otherwise loved to follow due to discrimination and misgendering. I have been trying to save for laser hair removal for years, and with this, I will finally be able to afford it. I hope to find new confidence in my appearance and revel in gender euphoria. Thank you, I am deeply grateful for this support."



Ashton, 20, Nevada

"TransMission, thank you first of all for this scholarship! Receiving this made my day, week, year and beyond. I have been needing surgery to help with my gender dysphoria for a very long time now. Thank you for making the first step of funding me to help my dreams come true. I am one happy young man. I can’t wait to run around in the summer without a shirt!"

Dylan, 22, New York

It means finally being able to be myself.

Gabe, 25, Florida

I can finally start to express my identity freely. I am so excited to fully be me to the world, can't wait to meet the man I will become. Thank you to The LOFT for this blessing, my family turned their backs on me but the community still has my back!



Lalayah, 31, Florida

This means the world to me more than anything no one has ever had my back and it’s good to have a family at The LOFT.



Michel, 72, New York

Michel would like to share that the funds she has received will be used for aiding her transition journey.


Greyson, 25, New York

The TransMission project gave me the opportunity to pay off some debt that I received from Top Surgery. This project allowed me to minimize the financial strain that I have had due to my medical transition. The TransMission gives people the opportunity to take the next step in their transition.


Winter, 19, New York

This scholarship means being able to have my name changed officially, which I am really excited for! Trans youth need more funding like this because it's common for youth to not come out until they are older, and this can allow them to get things like a name change paid for!


Rosse, 25, Florida

I feel honored that Transmission represents people from all cultures and backgrounds, and that they chose me as one of those people to award this scholarship.


Ripley, 26, New York

I’m unbelievably grateful to TransMission for giving me the gift of rest and ease. I was just short of my fundraising goal for my top surgery and donations had begun slowing down. TransMission provided me with the last portion of funds I needed to meet my goal and be able to recover safely and comfortably. The LOFT and organizations like it are so so vital to ensuring that queer and trans people are able to thrive as well as survive.


Lemuel, 28, California

I feel seen and supported by the community as I navigate my creative process and prepare for surgeries.


Paris, 27, North Carolina

I am grateful that I was chosen to be awarded and it’s great to know my story and life matters!


LaRay, 29, Missouri

It feels amazing to know that there are people, organizations, and agencies that care about a specific individual and their health needs.



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