Discussions About Cancer

Discussions About Cancer is a safe space for members of the LGBT and allied communities to come together and support one another on topics related to cancer. All impacted by cancer are welcome, including those currently undergoing treatment, survivors, family members and those who have been caregivers to a cancer patient. 

We are currently on hiatus. Check back later for more information.

A note from Louisa, Discussions About Cancer group facilitator:

“I had Breast Cancer 6 years ago. I felt going to a cancer support group would be intimidating and scary. I didn’t feel the need, and I didn’t want to go to a group because I didn’t want to relive everything and have to talk about it.
I wasn’t ready to talk about my cancer immediately after, but a couple years later I realized I had lots of questions and some issues arose, my friends and family didn’t know how to answer or help me with my questions.
That’s when I went to a support group and it was so rewarding and extremely helpful. It felt good to vent with people who have been through it. We are the only ones who know exactly how we’re feeling and can relate. It is very comforting, You don’t have to be alone. That’s why I decided to start a support group so YOU can have an outlet in a safe space to help you get through.”

The LGBT community is disproportionately affected by cancer. Below are links to articles from the National LGBT Cancer Network.

From their website www.cancer-network.org

"These articles, written by staff and volunteers of the National LGBT Cancer Network cover a wide base of topics. Drawing on current research data, the articles are written in plain language, intended to be understandable to a broad audience who may not have a background in science, but with citations that will earn the respect of healthcare professionals."

Cancer Information:

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