Event Organizer

Job Title

Event Organizer

Work Location

Mixed: Remote/ Physical Location

Purpose of the Position

The LOFT is preparing for a series of virtual events including The Annual Gala and Trans-Forum. These events are incredibly important to The LOFT in terms of fundraising while also addressing critical issues to the LGBTQ community.  Event organizers play a critical role in helping to ensure these virtual events happen in a seamless fashion.

Responsibilities & Duties

Event organizers will participate in a variety of tasks related to the events: production and dissemination of event materials, communication with participants and organization, tracking and organizing tasks and various event details.


Please have a strong attention to detail, be highly organized, accustomed to managing multiple, small tasks and excellent communication skills.

Previous experience with event/gala management or experience as an administrative assistant is highly desired but not necessary.

Time Commitment

Time schedule is scalable by week, but a 2 hour minimum per week is requested.


All training is provided

Volunteer Onboard Training for The LOFT is required before any volunteer begins work.