Geeking Out on Gender

Mia Edwards
Pronouns: she/her

Ejike Figuiera
Pronouns: they/she/he

Sophie Gourgiotis
Pronouns: they/them

HVTF Workshop Breakout 1 | Friday, November 11th | 10:40-11:55am
Geeking Out on Gender

Mia Edwards

Ejike Figueira

Sophie Gourgiotis


Workshop Description: What is gender, anyway? Where does it come from? What ways does it shape the world around us? What does it mean to be cis, trans, non-binary, femme, masc, etc? Join us for a workshop which dives into gender for a rich conversation on fundamentals of language, identity and beyond.

Workshop Format: This will be an interactive workshop with PowerPoint slides and whole-group conversation.


Ejike Figueira (they/she/he) has been a drag queen for about 6 years, and has been educating themselves on skincare for over 10 years now. They come from an informed place about these topics and is looking to share what they know with all those who are interested.

Mia Edwards (she/her) has been a participant and eventual co-facilitator of the Trans-Peer Support group since 2016. Her spirit of caring and compassion has led to her becoming the Case Manager of the PROUDWST Me program at The LOFT.  Her working with the TGNCNB community at The LOFT is "a dream come true!"

Prior to that, Mia worked for fifteen plus years in luxury goods (wholesale, retail and manufacturing)

She completed her bachelor’s in accounting at York College, CUNY and her MBA at Monroe College, New Rochelle.

Sophie Gourgiotis (they/them) started at The LOFT as the Program Manager in May 2022. Through this role Sophie oversees The LOFT's helpline and the Silver Connections Program, which serves LGBTQ+ Elders.
Prior to joining The LOFT, Sophie worked with youth and young adults earning their high school diploma and managed the internship program which provided internships and workforce development to young adults. Prior to this role, Sophie worked with the LGBTQ community providing services, case management, and programs to LGBTQ+ youth, adults, and older adults.
Sophie holds an MA in Rhetoric and Composition from the University of South Florida and is currently earning their MSW from Fordham University.

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