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House of Garçon

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The Legendary House of Comme des Garçon is an international organization that was founded based on the principles of fraternity, education advocacy, and professional growth. The organization exercises these principles through the participation in ballroom competitions. Ballroom allows the members to excel in various categories in which winners are celebrated monetarily and with awards. The House of Garçon has displayed the ability to dominate in the arena of ballroom while encouraging its members to be progressive women, men and transgendered adults.

Utilizing philosophies acquired through membership in previous house organizations the founding members of the house developed a restructured approach to house membership. Celebrating individuality, encouraging creativity, and fostering evolution of its members inside and outside of ballroom has enabled the House of Garçon to cement a reputation amongst long standing house organizations.

The House of Garçon continues to be recognized today as a thriving ballroom organization with a strong track record of grand prize wins, area dominance in ballroom and a catalogue of members who include some of the most recognizable faces in ballroom, including...

Twiggy Pucci Garçon

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Twiggy has collaborated with artists, filmmakers, and policymakers to increase visibility queer and trans people of color in both creative and sociopolitical spaces. In their current role as Program Director at True Colors United, Twiggy leads their Youth Collaboration programs, aimed at elevating youth voices and creating space for partnerships with young adults to lead the movement to end youth homelessness. Twiggy co-wrote the Sundance-selected documentary KIKI, sits on the Board of Directors for Doc Society, and is Runway Choreographer on FX series, POSE. Her mission is to elevate the authentic representation of the House|Ballroom Community worldwide.

Mermaid Garçon and Milan Garçon

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