January 19, 2023: The LOFT Thanks US Rep Mondaire Jones



The LOFT LGBTQ+ Community Center Thanks Former US Representative Mondaire Jones For Securing Critical Funding For New Center


$1.5 Million secured by Jones earmarked for the payment of new, permanent center for The LOFT, will also house 140 units of affordable LGBTQ+ affirming, senior, housing, and more.


(White Plains, NY)


The LOFT LGBTQ+ Community Center gathered to personally thank former United States Congressman (D-17) Mondaire Jones for securing $1.5 Million in funding earmarked for the building of a new, permanent community center for The LOFT.

“The LOFT is celebrating 40 years of existence and the ability to finally secure a permanent home is truly an amazing anniversary gift! We cannot thank Congressman Jones enough for the incredible level of leadership and support he has shown to the LGBTQ+ Community here in Westchester County. This funding is critical to the completion of our new center, allowing us to continue the work of empowering our entire LGBTQ+ Community,” says Judy Troilo, Executive Director for The LOFT.

The LOFT’s new community center will be ground level, part of a building that will also house 140 units of affordable, senior, LGBTQ+ affirming housing. In addition, The LOFT has also partnered with Circle Care Center to provide in house, LGBTQ+ centered medical services.

“With our many partners we’re able to create a holistic space that provides a range of vital services to community members of all ages. It’s really about creating the next iteration of an LGBTQ+ Community Center that is prepared to meet the needs and challenges of thousands in our community,” says Troilo.

The $1.5 million secured by Mondaire Jones was part of the Fiscal Year 2023 omnibus appropriations bill, which includes nearly $29 million in Community Project Funding (CPF) for 15 different projects across New York’s 17th Congressional District.


Photo: Mondaire Jones with The LOFT Staff and Board Members, 1/19/2023 source: The LOFT


Photo: Mondaire Jones reads from The LOFT's  Library, one of the largest LGBTQ+ collections in the United States, 1/19/23 Source: The LOFT


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