Jean Marie Angelo

Jean Marie Angelo has had 17 years of experience in non-profit work and community organizing for the LGBT community. From 2006 to 2009 she was president of The LOFT, where she worked on securing a new location and on forming various initiatives and events. She believes it is healthy to rotate LOFT service and play a different role at The LOFT for the next two years. She has previously served on The LOFT’s board in other positions, including Secretary and Director. She was also managing editor for Community News prior to joining The LOFT board.

Jean Marie is also a lay servant minister and acolyte in the Episcopal Diocese of New York. She continues to fight for full inclusion in faith communities and for full equality for LGBT people in all areas of life.

Professionally, Jean Marie is a Creative and Specialist at Apple, providing software and hardware training and advising. Previously she was online news editor for District Administration and University Business, two magazines, Websites, and e-newsletters that cover education trends and management. She also was Senior Editor with University Business, providing coverage of education and representing the publication at conferences and seminars. Jean Marie’s publishing career spans 25 years and includes staff editorial positions at Folio magazine and The Stamford Advocate.