June 24, 2022: Statement regarding the rescinding of Roe V. Wade


June 24, 2022:

(White Plains, NY)


A Statement from The LOFT LGBTQ+ Community Center:

The Supreme Court has dismantled Roe v. Wade and decimated the right to abortion in the United States. This decision is part of a nationwide assault on the freedoms of women, people of color, disabled Americans, and our LGBTQ+ family. Many of the rights and protections that we have fought so hard for are under threat. In this moment, it is more important than ever that we support each other. By coming together, we can fight back against the forces of bigotry and oppression. The LOFT is committed to that fight and, most of all, committed to our community. We are always here for you (in-person and virtually).


Your support during this difficult time is greatly appreciated.  Our community is under attack in ways that are deeply traumatizing for so many. It's community centers like The LOFT that serve as the backbone holding the community together during times of trouble and crisis. We're ready for the fight and to protect our community and your support gives us the resources to do this for as long as necessary.

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