The Law Offices of Christine J. Klein, P.C

Law Offices of Christine J. Klein, P.C.
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Pleasantville, NY 10570
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Legal Services of The Hudson Valley

Legal services of hudson valley protecting rights promoting justice

LSHV LGBTQIA+ unit assists with 

  • Discrimination: In employment, housing or any public accommodation.
  • Benefits: Assistance with reserving public assistance, SSI, SSD, etc., entitlements.
  • Assistance with denials of: Medical coverage and/or medical procedures.
  • Protecting LGBTQ+ youth: Assisting youth who are experiencing bullying and/or being threatened with violence in school and assisting homeless LGBTQ+ youth to obtain or preserve benefits.
  • Family Law: Assistance with filing family defense petitions, custody and visitation arrangements, orders of protections, and protection from intimate partner violence.
  • Assistance with name changes, preparing wills, and/or healthcare proxies

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