Sept 19, 2022: Message from Executive Director Judy Troilo



(White Plains, NY)


Dear Friends,

The LOFT Gala is just around the corner. It’s been three long years since our last in-person gala and we are so happy about seeing many of you there on September 30th.

This in-person celebration also marks a major milestone forward as we shape our post-Covid lives together. The LOFT Campus is back in full swing, and once again buzzing with staff, volunteers, interns, and members doing all the things we used to do before the pandemic hit.

We're so proud to have been one of the very first centers in the nation to host monkeypox vaccine clinics, in partnership with the Westchester County Department of Health. We've held a total of 9 clinics and will have administered approximately 800 inoculations of high-risk individuals. Our entire staff gave it their all to do everything we could to help blunt the spread of this truly awful disease--and I'm so proud of our community.

We're also excited to let you know that we're in the process of rolling out Hybrid meetings. One of the silver linings to come out of the pandemic was the importance of having online, virtual groups for members who needed them. We're going to still be continuing these, but in addition, we're bringing back many groups in person (and some new groups too) with the capacity to simultaneously host virtual members at the same time. We see this as bringing together the best of both worlds.

This is part of our growing future.

We've emerged from this pandemic, and all of its ensuing chaos, much stronger. We have doubled our staff, added new programming, and are poised to become a larger center with a brand-new building in downtown White Plains that will include medical care, and LGBTQ+ affirming senior housing. We are working hard to realize all of these new and exciting offerings and will be sharing with you more information in the months to come. Stay tuned, because our future together is very bright, the best is yet to come!

There's so much that has happened since our last gala. We know the pain and havoc that many of you have experienced in these nearly three years. We also know the strength and resilience you've shown--it's inspired us! Despite everything that kept us apart, we've been with many of you every step of the way and that's what matters the most, to know that you are not alone. We're here with you and we're here for you!

I'm so proud of the work our staff has done to build, strengthen and revitalize our community and I'm hoping that you'll be with us at the Gala so that we can celebrate together.

There are just a few tickets left so if you can join us, please purchase them now.

If you cannot attend, please consider supporting our programming by donating.

Let's savor the fact that we can finally come together and remember that together we can accomplish anything!


Yours in Pride,

Judy Troilo