New Pride Gear!

DRAG is not a crime it IS ART!

Drag Performers have been the heart and soul of Pride Culture for decades!  "DRAG is not a crime it IS ART!" is a simple but powerful statement that counters so much of the toxic rhetoric and actions being spewed by radical groups against us. Wearing our shirts, pins, bags, and stickers lets the world know where we stand: Our art, our expression, our journeys, our lives matter...and we will not be silent, we're gonna get LOUD!

Also, 100% of the proceeds from this merchandise go to supporting The LOFT's programs and services. The LOFT is the ONLY full-service, non-profit, community center serving the LGBTQ+ community in Westchester County and the largest in the Lower Hudson Valley region. Your support helps us fund the support groups, social activities, and special events that have given thousands of our community members the empowerment, support, and acceptance they need to live their fullest lives for the past 40 years!