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Below are resources to learn more about the issues and candidates for this election cycle, happening on November 7: 










Pride in Politics organizes activities to promote LGBTQ+ advocacy and activism within local, county, state and federal political levels. The program's goal is education on political issues which impact the lives of LGBTQ+ communities within a non-partisan approach.

Come and hear National LGBTQ+ Rights speaker Tanya Tassi's inspiring message around empowering and protecting our LGBTQ+ rights. Join the community conversation, listen to what other folx have to say and add your voice to the mix!

There's also a special appearance by Westchester County DA, Mimi Rocah. She will share more about the hate crimes initiative specific to Westchester and how the department is working to protect the LGBTQ+ Community!

Support our important advocacy work that you see above, please donate $25 so that we can continue to fight for LGBTQ+ rights!  We need to let the radical state legislatures and the extreme hate groups know that we are here and will stand up for our rights.  Your donation allows us to do more of that. Thank you!

Are you registered to vote in New York? Are you unsure what district you live in? Checking your voter status is easy! Click here to see if you are registered to vote in New York and that your information is updated. 

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Donations are welcome. Suggested donation is $5; more if you can, less if you can't. To donate, click here or text The LOFT to 44321.