Protecting Yourself & Loved Ones From COVID-19 Scams

Protecting Yourself & Loved Ones from COVID-19 Scams
When: Tuesday, April 28th from 11:30am-1:00pm
Where: Virtually via Zoom!
With concerns around COVID-19 on the forefront of our minds, rates of online and phone scamming have begun to rise, especially targeted are our senior community members. In this free, virtual workshop learn from expert, Bill Stanton, author of Prepared, Not Scared, how to stay vigilant and protect yourself and your loved ones from scamming! 

Description of Bill Stanton: Bill Stanton is a former police officer and bodyguard. He has established himself as an intelligent, energetic, and highly respected expert in the field of safety and security. A private investigator and security consultant to major television news shows, Bill had dedicatedly served in his field for over 25 years.