Keynote Address by Rae Leiner

Rae Leiner
Pronouns: they/them/Black unicorn/beloved/loved one

HVTF Keynote Address | Saturday, November 12th | 10:15-10:30am
Finding Strength in Yourself and Your Community

Keynote Description: This keynote address will focus on highlighting the attacks on bodily autonomy (access to abortion and sex reproductive healthcare, access to gender-affirming care) that are on the rise. We have to find strength and resilience within ourselves and our community. This is a moment to find joy and celebration because we are witnessing the backlash of the gains that we have made. Bringing a message of interdependence as an opportunity for community empowerment.


Rae Leiner (they/them) Artist. Organizer. Radical Dreamer. Creatrix. Strategic thinker. Abolitionist. Healer. Embodied Practitioner. Rae Leiner is a Black identified multi-racial non-binary Queer organizer, activist, and parent currently residing in the Hudson Valley. An experienced facilitator, community organizer, strategic thinker, embodied practitioner, and strategic relationship builder, Rae’s creative thinking and radical dreaming inform their analysis and guide their systemic approach to challenging race, class and gender injustice. Rae wears many hats; co-founder and member of the executive leadership team at the Newburgh LGBTQ+ Center, a queer and trans of color led activist organization in the mid-Hudson Valley, Field Director at the National LGBTQ+ Taskforce and co-found of Salt and Cotton Consulting Rae brings 15+ years of professional leadership to areas of social justice, racial equity, LGBTQ cultural humility education, working to solve complex systemic issues.

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