The Rainbow Clubhouse

The Rainbow Clubhouse is a group at The LOFT for families of young, gender-expansive children up to age 12. The group features a support group for parents/guardians and a structured play group for children.

WHEN: The 3rd Sunday of the month from 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

WHERE: Please register below to access the location for this group. Once registered, you will be emailed the location.

CONTACT: [email protected]or (914)-948-2932 extension 14 with any questions!

Please Note: To maintain the privacy of our children and protect our families, The LOFT has developed an intake process for new families joining this group. Please fill out the intake form HERE.

Siblings of your gender-expansive child are also allowed to attend the children's play group. Infants must remain with their parents at all times.

LOFT Peer Support Groups are open-topic, drop-in groups. Groups are led by facilitators who identify as peers with those in attendance. 
Donations are welcome. Suggested donation is $5; more if you can, less if you can't. Fees related to activities are the responsibility of participants.

Group Format

The Rainbow Clubhouse is a safe-space support group for families of gender-expansive children, up to age 12, and will feature two side-by-side groups.

  • Playgroup for youth up to age 12:
    • The Playgroup is a safe social space for children to play, interact with peers, and be themselves. Discussions within the playgroup are not solely focused on topics such as gender, feelings or bullying. Instead, playgroup participants are given a safe environment to develop friendships through common playtime activities.
    • The Playgroup is overseen by a professional with 20+ years of childcare experience, and an additional, experienced adult.
  • Parent/Guardian group:
    • The Parent/Guardian group features a unique opportunity for families to gain support and connection to others with similar experiences. Some topics that may be discussed in this group include: talking to extended family, navigating school systems, and finding affirming professionals/resources.
    • The Parent/Guardian group is facilitated by a LOFT staff member with experience working with families of trans youth. Meetings may also feature guest speakers and reading lists of gender-affirming books for adults & youth.


Gender-Expansive can be defined as: An adjective used to describe people that identify or express themselves in ways that broaden the culturally defined behavior or expression associated with one gender.

-According to Welcoming Schools: A program of the Human Rights Campaign

The meeting space is a nut-free facility.

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