Welcome Our New Staff Member


The LOFT is so excited to share with everyone the hiring of our newest staff member, Stephen McMahon! Stephen will be serving as the LOFT's Community Engagement Coordinator. Read on to learn more about our newest member of The LOFT family!

For folx who don't know, how do you identify in the community and what are your pronouns?

Stephen: I identify as a gay gender-fluid human! My pronouns are he/him and they/them.


What do you think you'll enjoy the most about working with the LGBTQ+ Community?

Stephen: As I begin my position as the Community Engagement Coordinator, something that I am most excited about will be working directly with our amazing volunteers because I started out as one myself.


What do you consider important in working with volunteers and interns?

Stephen: The most important part about working with volunteers and interns is ensuring that each person who comes to the center to lend a helping hand knows that our center focuses on growth. Whether it be growing one's skill sets or expanding one's knowledge on what we do here, my goal is to provide an experience where we see goals accomplished.


What is something you would like to accomplish while in your new position as Community Engagement Coordinator for The LOFT?

Stephen: I hope to begin my role with The LOFT by recruiting individuals who can truly benefit not only our center but the LGBTQ+ community. I am most excited to visit my old stomping grounds at WCC's annual drag event on Thursday. I am going with intentions to meet wonderful new people from all different walks of life, and learn what students are interested in when it comes to internships and volunteering!

If you are interested in learning more about volunteering or interning at The LOFT you can contact Stephen at [email protected]